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Reimagine your Supply Chain

With the introduction of the world’s first Autonomous Requirements Planning (ARP) engine, Seeloz is transforming how global enterprises are addressing today’s most critical supply chain challenges.  

Scroll through to learn more about how our products and solutions are driving intelligent supply evolution with the power of AI.  

Supply Chains without Forecasts: Planning with Deep Learning

Reimagining the Future of Supply Chain Management with Autonomous Requirements Planning.

June 1 2021
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Microsoft and Seeloz Sign Partnership To Implement AI in Malaysia and Beyond
Microsoft Malaysia and Seeloz have signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support...
September 16th 2021
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Supply Chain Automation for MRO
SCAS mitigates unplanned machine breakdowns with artificial intelligence; minimizing overstock,...
June 30th 2021
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Supply Chain Automation for Distribution
SCAS transforms Distribution Supply Chain Planning, delivering Autonomous Replenishment and...
June 22th 2021
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CCU Seeloz Center of Excellence
Seeloz signs partnership with Cambridge Corporate University, launching a global graduate studies...
June 17th 2021
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Welcome to the supply chain of the future.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we partner with governments, enterprises, and academic institutions worldwide to fundamentally redefine supply chain planning with the power of artificial intelligence. 

No more forecasts.  No more rule based parameters.  Minimized overstock, stockouts, cross-warehouse movements, and expirations.  Drastic reductions in delays, shortages, and supply chain management costs. More intelligent supply chain automation.  More digital transformation.  Maximized efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.  Significant improvements to P&Ls, balance sheets, and direct / indirect ROI.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help transform your global supply chain and revolutionize business operations with the world’s first Autonomous Requirements Planning engine, powered by Seeloz AI.

Welcome to the supply chain of the future. Welcome to Seeloz.



May 20th 2020
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